Hamar Airport Stafsberg is one of very few Airports in Norway that is open «almost» 24 hrs on a 7 days week.
The reason for saying «almost» is that on Sundays and holydays it is closed during church hours. That is between 10.30 and 12.30 Local Norwegian time.

Airport is normally unmanned ATC wise and is therefore not approved for instrument approach. We do however have an NDB 371 HAA located at the airport and has previously been approved and you will find a copy of the old IAL plate under the tab IAL to be used for guidance.
If you are coming in VFR you will find entry points in the IAL/AIP/bilder and you enter via one of the point convenient for you and transmit blind on our radio frequency 130.275 from there and in to final.

For information about valid Carnet card have look under the tab Fuel.

If you know that you will be needing fuel it might be wise to order it in advance on Telephone: +47 916 75455