Be aware of the special Norwegian Custom regulations when entering Hamar Airport as a first point arriving from any Shengen Country.

This is only valid for aircraft below max T/O weight 5700 Kg/ Approved for Max 10 persons and for private and Taxi flights:

A full flight plan has to be filed online or faxed to the Customs (Fax No +47 22 86 08 00) latest 4 Hrs before border passage. If there is any deviations from the scheduled times Customs has to be informed. Arriving aircraft or personnel is not to leave or to remove any goods before the in the flight plan given time (normally scheduled arrival + 15 mins)

Aircraft must only bring goods that:

  • May be imported/exported without any Custom or Vat fees
  • Do not have any Import/Export restrictions
  • Do not requiring any Custom handling